Westphalian stallion parades 2016

Westfalians stallions represents themselves infront of the breeders

Every spring time of the year many stallion parades take place in the Westphalian breeding area. The Westphalian studbook also hosts two stallion parades.

On saturday, the 13. Febuary 2016 at 6 pm, the Westphlian private stallion parade for riding horses takes place. Youngsters from the last licensing season as well as experienced grand prix horses and show jumpers are presented by the different studs.

On Sunday the 7. Febuary 2016 at 2 pm, the private stallion parade for small horses takes place. The different breeds will be presented free jumping, over a course or in dressage.


Entrance fee Riding horses (Saturday): 7 €, Entrance Riding ponies and other breeds(Sunday): 5 €

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