Register your foal ONLINE

The Westphalian Studbook offers it's breeders the opportunity to register the foal online, it will help ypu register your foal even quicker and without any effort.All you have to do, is register your Emailadress in our system to activate your account.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Sabien Seelemeyer

1. Enter all the details:

  • passport number of the foal (passport number is on the foal notificaition)
  • Membership number
  • Your email address

2. After entering all your details you will see the summary of all covering details.

3. In the next step you have to enter the gender of the foal and date of birth.

4. In the free notification field you can enter your preferential date to get your foal branded and microchipped.

4. You will receive a conformation email.

Click here to register your foal online...