Three riding horses break the 100,000 euro mark

Auction spectacle with a turnover of over 2 million euros in Münster-Handorf

Price list Spring Auction 2024

Münster: The candidates at the Westphalian spring auction this Sunday aroused great interest among buyers. 60 riding horses and 15 foals were up for sale in the OnLive auction. In total, almost 80 percent of the riding horses changed hands at an average price of 40,138 euros. Head number 1 Valdemossa de Colonia topped the price structure with a sensational hammer price of 296,000 euros. An average price of 11,364 euros was paid for 11 of the foals on offer. With a hammer price of 35,000 euros, head number 102 Glitzerbiene was the most popular foal.

The auction opened with a bang and a very special surprise. The auction candidates were supposed to be auctioned off in hand. However, to kick off the riding horse auction, head rider Marco Zimmermann climbed back into the saddle of his head number 1. The rider from Münster-Handorf had only recently celebrated his 40th anniversary at the Westphalian Horse Center. On the auction day, he once again demonstrated his skills and celebrated the auction opener with the daughter of Vaderland, bred by ZG Kellerwessel, Cologne. Bred out of the St.Pr.St. Santanyi by Sir Donnerhall I, the bay already shone last year in Münster-Handorf when she was crowned 2nd Reserve Champion at the Westphalian Elite Show. Exhibited by her breeders, the talented mare also impressed during the auction with her outstanding quality of movement, excellent willingness to perform and top interior values. The bidding duel between customers in the arena and at home in front of the screen was exciting right to the end. There was a long battle, while Marco Zimmermann and Valdemosse de Colonia did their rounds on the track in their usual confident manner. In the end, auctioneer Thomas Münch's hammer fell at the sensational hammer price of 296,000 euros in favor of customers from Germany who placed their bids online.
Valdemossa de Colonia was not the only horse to break the magic barrier of 100,000 euros on this auction day. The next high-priced auction candidate entered the auction ring with head number 4. Flirtfaktor (breeder: ZG Klein & Mömersheim, Hennef; exhibitor: BG Sportpferde Beckmann and IB Berger, Wettringen) is a son of Fürst Samarant, who is based at the Beckmann stallion station. The chestnut shone throughout the entire auction period with excellent rideability values combined with outstanding basic gaits and a well-balanced interior. These qualities make the gelding, who was bred from a dam by Sir Donnerhall, a promising young horse for the international dressage arena. Local customers invested 118,000 euros in Flirtfaktor, who was already victorious in tests for young riding horses last year. The third of the "100,000 euro horses" wore the head number 14. Vino Tinto by Viva Gold/Enzo Ferrari was bred by Manuel Sanchez. The spanish, who is based in Germany, is well known to the Westphalian public. He is responsible for staging the riding horses and foals in hand in front of the camera at numerous video events. He did not miss the opportunity to present his three-year-old stallion in the arena himself. With a hammer price of 161,000 euros in favor of Dutch customers, the bay stallion, whose appearance and quality were striking, trotted off the track at the hand of his overjoyed exhibitor. The 33 dressage horses sold at the auction realized a total turnover of 1,376,000 euros with an average price of 41,697 euros.

The auction lot held 12 jumping riding horses. At an average price of 35,318 euros, 11 of these found a new owner. Unifly (breeder: Peter Kersting, Delbrück; exhibitor: Tobias Schult, Hünxe) kicked off the jumping candidates at the auction. This important jumping specialist is a son of United Touch S. The stallion is currently attracting attention in the world's major show jumping competitions under the saddle of Richard Vogel. He is the current winner of the USD 385,000 Grand Prix of Wellington. His son Unifly is in no way inferior to him in terms of quality and ability. This auction candidate was bred from the Verb.Pr.St. Con Diva by Cornet Obolensky. Cornet Obolensky, who has already produced several foals at the Westphalian Foal Auctions. At the hammer price of 63,000 euros, the high-quality bay will be further promoted by the Irishman Cian O'Connor. Head number 7 Hirocco also broke the 60,000 euro mark among the jumping candidates at the auction. The chestnut gelding was not only incredibly eye-catching in his colouring but also impressed above all with his boundless ability. The son of Hickstead White/Zirocco Blue (breeder: Milan Taras, Czech Republic; exhibitor: Agrar Handelsgesellschaft Salzfurtkapelle mbH & Co. KG, Zörbig) carries the performance genetics of Castelino van de Helle, who celebrated great successes in CSI5* competitions with Dutch rider Gerco Schröder. Already successful in medium level tests for young show jumpers, he leads the price structure among show jumpers. At a hammer price of 65,000 euros, he will continue his career in the Rhineland.

The lot of riding horses was completed by three promising riding ponies. With a total turnover of 122,000 euros, all three were successfully sold. The most popular auction candidate among the riding ponies was a very special auction candidate with the head number 2. Komplett by Kachunga/Cezanne de Luxe (breeder and exhibitor: Jill Mieleszko-Vekens, Paderborn) is a licensed and tested pony stallion of outstanding quality. Last year, he secured the title of Vice Bundeschampion of six-year-old dressage ponies at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf. Victories and placings up to elementary level are part of this beautiful bay's success story. This future hope for the international pony championships was worth 95,000 euros to Chinese customers on site.

The auction lot of riding horses and ponies was supplemented by the first foals of the 2024 vintage. 15 of the youngest talents presented themselves on the well-attended triangular track at the Westphalian Horse Center at noon on April 14. The foals were auctioned in blocks between the riding horses. At an average price of 11,364 euros, 11 foals found a new owner. The most popular young talent was Glitzerbiene with the head number 2. The daughter of Glamourdale impressed with her elegance, charm and high quality of movement. ZG Wierling from Senden had bred their reserve champion mare St.Pr.St. Fiadora by Fürst Wilhelm to the double world champion from Herning. The beautiful black filly found new owners for the hammer price of 35,000 euros.

Whether dressage or jumping specialist: Dreams come true with a young horse from this auction lot. The Westphalian Spring Auction provided for exciting bidding duels this Sunday afternoon. The expert audience celebrated the Westphalian auction horses in a great atmosphere today. The auction hall at the Westphalian Horse Center was well attended. Bids came in online, on site and over the phone from near and far. Of the 60 riding horses put up for auction, 47 changed hands. On average, customers from the different countries invested 40,138 euros. Three riding horses cost more than 100,000 euros, seven horses were priced between 50,000 and 100,000 euros. Together with the eleven foals sold, the Westphalian Studbook realized a total of 2,011,500 euros at this spring auction.