For the selection of your future horse(s) we are completely committed to an excellent outcome for you.  Our expertise and our experience finding the right combination between customer and horse is unparalleled in the industry.

Contact us as detailed below.  We would be happy to meet your needs in the areas of dressage, jumping, eventing, driving or breeding.

We offer first class service and an elite collection of great horses at many price points.

Our Auction team

  • Bernd Richter

    Auctioneer, Sales Manager
    Tel.: 0251-32809 70
    Mobile:  0172-241 3280
    Fax 0251-3280993

    Bernd Richter

    Auctioneer, Sales Manager

    Bernd Richter started his career with the Westfalen National Stud in 1972 so he understands the scope and talent of the wonderful  Westfalen Sport horse . His depth of stud book knowledge and great sense of timing make his fast moving auctions successful and entertaining . In 1972 Bernd Richter started his career at the Westphalian national stud.  He is fondly known for his commanding voice and  his quick decisions as an auctioneer.

    Mr. Richter oversees:

       - Selection of the auction horses and foals

       - Auctioneer at all Westfalisches Stammuch auctions

       - Equine Sales Services for the Stammbuch

       - Advising members how to market and sell their horses.

  • Carsten Lenz

    Sales Manager Show Jumping
    Tel.: 0251-32809 75
    Mobile: 0173- 5367568
    Fax 0251-3280993

    Carsten Lenz

    Assistant Sales Manager/Auction Horse Selector

    Mr. Lenz has a long and impressive career in professional equestrian world.  Starting at the Show Jumper stalbe of Gut Berl and working for the Bavarian Breeding Association in Munich,  Mr. Lenz knows the importance of finding the right horse for the right rider.

    A Westphalian Native,  Mr. Lenz is excited to promote the brand he feels most passionate about and makes it his business to know all about our inventory in training, at auction and at breeder’s yards.

    Mr. Lenz will be a familiar face at all of our auctions and can provide you with any queries you may have about any of our horses for sale through breeders as well as at auctions. Mr. Lenz is an important member of our Service 365 team.


  • Friederike Kampmeyer

    Sales Manager Dressage

    Mobile: 0172/7221394

  • Leonie v. Finckenstein

    International Sales and Marketing
    Tel.: 0251-32809 25
    Fax 0251-3280993

    Leonie v. Finckenstein

    International Sales and Marketing

    Leonie v. Finckenstein is our expert in marketing, communications and sales. Before she started at the Westfalen Pferedestammbuch she graduated from high school in Ireland.  To deepen her knowledge of horses she worked at famous studs in the US and Australia for 2 years. Her interest in management and marketing led her to Univerisity of Gottingen and completed a degree in Business Management.

    Since 2012 she has contributed great energy and creativity to our Stammbuch team and  oversees the following: Servicing Foregin Clients, Social Media and Website Management, Inside Sales, Event Management, and Marketing Planning with Rhegan White.


Our International Agents